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» Links

First of all.. You may link Obiit as much as you want to. :) It just makes me happy.

Aaaaand.. now some shameless advertising for my other pieces of work...

Aand some special space for my affilites.
About that... I only do that with my buddies, so.. yeah. Live with it. But if you are my buddie, feel free to ask me if we can affilate.

And now.... finally. Some link to other smackjeeves comics that I like and have some..atmpousphere that I think is a little like the one in Obiit (horror,mystery, humor stuff..)or things I just think you need to read. Those with some plot and.. eh, you know.Allt he good stuff (and no, I'm NOT talking about yaoi). Some popular, some less populaur. But they are all worth a look... And.. if you ask me to link to. You will HAVE to link me youself. :I


Phew. That was a little bunch. Still hungry for comics? Then, I advice you to check out some of these non-smackjeeves comics.
In all possible genres. But they are all good.

Now... that shall be enough... for now. :3 If your thirst for webcomics still aren't satified... read Obiit oneot two times more!