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» Art

First of all! Some art by me! The Mint!

And next... a place were all fan art, and their drawers get a change to show off! Just so you know all this means a lot to me and I'm cherishing all these pieces of art more than anything! Thank you so much everyone, it really makes me wish I had more time to draw!!!




By Animé-Honeybee! Who is also drawing her own comics. Don't miss her DA!.
She was just supposed to draw me one picture.. but the angel made two instead! 8D One for Taiki and one for Yuuseki... and they're both completly adorable! (PLUS! she was able to draw all of Taiki's crosses, not even I do that anymore... xD). Ahh.. they're both wonderful. Love them! Thank you so much... <3 Lot's of kisses for you!



..older(BUT STILL LOVEABLE) stuff... <3